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Wirbelschichttechnik sprühgranulieren coaten trocknen
Schüttguttechnik Rohstoffhandling
Forschung Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung

Technical Centre - bulk materials handling

Your benefit:

AMMAG Particle Systems: An innovative service for innovative products and processes
Reliability and considerable time saving for the development and launching of new products and processes
Easy and complete flow of information from the very first idea to efficient implementation
Objective decision criteria before making solar panels wholesale any investment decisions
Support in process development and process optimization
Pneumatic dense phase conveying
Transmitting vessel
280 l
Transmitting vessel 24 l
Conveying distance 40 m, DN100
Exhaust air filter
Buffer tank for easy product handling
Full-line system
Booster trace line
Extremely gentle and efficient conveying of sensitive or abrasive products

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Pneumatic dilute phase conveying

Variably configurable conveying distance 60m, DN50
Pressure and vacuum conveying
Air volume measurement
Differential pressure measurement of all relevant components

Dosed product charging via rotary valve or screw

Mechanical conveying: dosing/conveyor screws
Pipe dosing screw
Diameter 120 mm  

Mixing: pneumatic mixer

Diameter 800 mm
Tank volume 1 m³

horizontal counterflow mixer

Useful volume 250 l

Screening: fluidized bed screen

Screen basket diameter 250 mm
Various screen inserts


Screening: vibro screen

Screen diameter 600 mm
3 fractions
Storage/discharge: vibrating discharge unit
800 mm
Tank volume
1 m³
Storage/discharge: stirrer discharge unit
Diameter 800 mm
Tank volume 1 m³
Storage/discharge: fluid bed discharge unit
Diameter 800 mm
Tank volume 1 m³

Big bag emptying

For big bags with an area of 1x1 m
Max. height of big bag 1.5 m
Vibro discharge aid

 Trial costs on request 



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