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Wirbelschichttechnik sprühgranulieren coaten trocknen
Schüttguttechnik Rohstoffhandling
Forschung Produkt- und Prozessentwicklung

Technical Centre - fluidized bed technology


Our fluidized bed pilot plant station offers you:

Feasibility studies in the laboratory
Sample production on pilot scale
Objective decision criteria before making any investment decision
Job-order production
Support in process development and process optimization
Processes, applications:
Spray drying
Spray-dry granulation
Granulation / agglomeration
Spray coagulation (spray cooling)
Matrix encapsulation
Final product:
Granule sizes
from 100 µm to 10 mm
Freely flowing
Easily dosable
Matrix encapsulation
Stable mixing behaviour
Homogenous component distribution
Reduced hygroscopicity
Directed release of active component
Protection of granulate from ambient influences
Masking of taste and smell

A-WT 43

A-WT 25

Bottom diameter:
430 mm
250 mm
Overall height:
5100 mm
2730 mm
Air volume: 1300 m3/h 400 m3/h
Evaporation capacity: approx. 20 kg/h approx. 6 kg/h
Batch size up to 50 kg up to 10 kg
Primary flue gas cleaning: jet filter, self-cleaning, above fluidized bed, various filter materials possible, standard: polyester needle felt, antistatic
Secondary flue gas cleaning: wet gas scrubber
Air duct standard: exhaust air operation, circulation mode possible
Operating mode: batch or continuous mode
(screw discharge)
max. 200°C supply air temperature
max. 150°C supply air temperature
hrms: 0.8 µm; electropolished inside and outside
hrms: 0.8 µm; electropolished inside and outside
stainless steel 1.4301
Nozzle position:
flexible, top and bottom spraying position possible
Inflow bottom: various versions available
Explosion protection:
in conformity with ATEX (dust explosions)
Special features:
pressure resistant up to 10 bar.
supply and process section in separate modules which can be arranged flexibly
The plants are suitable for food processing.
Trial costs on request.

Moreover, our pilot plant station is provided with the science news following peripheral equipment for testing.

Screening (wet and dry)
Humidity measurement (IR scale)
Various scales for quantity determination
Bulk density determination
Hose and eccentric screw pumps
Stereo microscope for visual assessment of granulate
Measurement of granulate hardness, abrasion test


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