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AMMAG Particle Systems

Shorter ways to the market for new products:
AMMAG’s unique 4-phase concept:


1. Particle design

In this module we are your partner for order formulation, joint product development or simply as a provider of ideas. Our team is experienced in formulation and process know-how for  

* probiotic feed additives

* pasteurizable food particles

* innovative coated fibres as functional food ingredients in food,

* microencapsulated flavourings or other microencapsulated agents, etc.  

By the way, mutual confidentiality undertakings and development orders structured by milestones are a matter of course for us. Thus trouble-free coooperation is guaranteed and you can easily survey the project both in terms of time and of costs!

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2. Particle testing:

As soon as the new product has taken shape on laboratory scale, e.g. by means of our laboratory spray granulation plant, the question arises how the product will be accepted by the market, and which improvements are left to be made.

Therefore, we have introduced our module particle testing. By your order and without any investment risk for you we will produce, in our multifunctional spray granulation plant, exactly the amount of new product requested by your marketing department.

Suggestions for improvement and market acceptance can be incorporated into further product development.

And the best thing about it: We gain important data for the later rating of the manufacturing plant without any risk for you, since the costs for job-order manufacturing will be reimbursed in case you buy the plant!

If the market welcomes your/our new product, then time is of the essence when it comes to the completion of an industrial production plant  -

The earlier you launch a product that your customers are eager to get, the more successful your business will be! 

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3. Particle production

On the basis of the data gained by now we build turnkey spray granulation plants working efficiently and exactly to your needs - this has been ensured in the modules „Design“ and „Testing“!

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4. Particle handling

Our turnkey silo installations as well as the dosing, weighing and mixing facilities will take care that your new product is processed smoothly and is integrated into your (existing) operational procedures.

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