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Perfect tuning and quality of individual components is paramount for the function of the overall plant!


* Customized filter systems with air-blast dedusting and filter materials adjusted to your valuable raw materials.

* Sturdy single-shaft or double-shaft belt mixers affording short mixing time, product-saving functionality and hygienic design. cartier replica watches

* Fluidized bed screening machines for check-screening and deagglomerating of your raw materials: high reliability at low space requirement!

* The choice of the appropriate discharge unit will determine your product: vibrating discharge unit, stirrer discharge unit or fluidized bottom - Make use of our experience gained and trials performed in the AMMAG Technical Centre. That’s the best you can do to make the right decisions!


AMMAG filter systems

comply with all environmental regulations and are tailored to the requirements of our customers from the chemical industry, food industry, pet food industry and building materials industry. Air volume from 500 m³ to 50,000 m³!

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AMMAG horizontal counterflow mixer HGM * robust * gentle * short mixing time
The devices of choice f
or the gentle mixing of products with a broad grain size distribution are so-called thrust mixers. Our single-shaft or double-shaft belt mixers of type series HGM feature a useful volume from 150 to 4000 litres. The mixing elements are belts that are helically arranged in two diameters. The inside belts with the smaller diameter convey the product from the middle to the outside, and the outside belts convey it back inwards. The belts are shifted by the bulk material, which provides for good mixing. AMMAG HGMs are used worldwide to mix products such as milk powder, bakery improvers, crystal sugar, granola, pet feed, plastic granulate, metal powder, metallurgical pastes, cleaning agents, foamed plastic recycling flakes or tile adhesive powder. The mixers can be provided with a cooling or heating jacket. Moreover, additional liquid injection and knife chopping are possible.

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AMMAG fluidized bed screening machines  WIS *check-screening *deagglomeration *compact 

The tried and tested WIS type series offers reliable check-screening, fluidization and deagglomeration of your raw materials, from WIS 5 accomplishing 5 tons/h to WIS 30 accomplishing 30 tons/h (reference product: flour, screen mesh: 1 mm). A quick and easy screen exchange rc drone and good accessibility are the most striking features of this compact and reliable screening machine

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AMMAG vibrating discharge units SAM and stirrer discharge units RA

Apart from the silo geometry the choice of the appropriate discharge unit is decisive for the mass flow in the silo and for a trouble-free downstream process sequence. AMMAG responds to the various bulk material properties with a broad range of silo and container discharge units. Lots of experience, a substantial data base of products from A rbozell to Z inc oxide as well as trial runs in the AMMAG Technical Centre will convince you.

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