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Fishing in a pool of experience for quick and targeted innovations!


Back in 1948 we built the first pneumatic conveyor plants in Austria. An enormous wealth of experience gained from hundreds of successfully implemented plants worldwide is an replicareps ideal pool for us to fish in for quick and targeted innovations.

Of course, innovative acting is not an end in itself for us, but it always follows the specifications and requirements of our customers. To be able, on this note, to design our innovations in line with the market we have established a perfect infrastructure: Austria’s most advanced Technical Centre!

In this facility we can test, among others, all pneumatic conveying techniques as well as product-specific data and operating parameters. 

As a result we build efficient pneumatic conveyor systems that are exactly tailored to your products. Because we don’t want to sell you an off-road vehicle for city streets! And we don’t want to be faced, on commissioning, with an inefficient plant that is over- or undersized.



Agricultural chemistry - for example: fungicides, herbicides, insecticides

Conveying an extremely breakable pesticide agglomerated in the fluidized bed over 80 metres to the packaging plant.

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Food industry - for example: seeds and spices

Gentle conveying of extremely breakable seeds such as poppy,replica watches coriander, caraway, sunflower seed, linseed, etc. Tandem full-line plant with a conveying capacity of 20 tons/h and a conveying distance of 100 m. A breakage ratio of < 2% as well as the complete emptying of the conveying line in case of a change of product has been demonstrated in the AMMAG Technical Centre.

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Chemical industry - for example: steel mill slag and soda

Highly abrasive steel mill slag and soda are conveyed over 80 m at 8 tons/h and 4 tons/h. * Flexible pipe routing that is able to cope with the most difficult installation situations;  * low air consumption compared with other pneumatic conveyor systems and * reliable low-maintenance operation were the main arguments for a dense phase conveying system delivered by AMMAG.   

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Pneumatic dilute phase conveying for pressure and vacuum operation

The first pneumatic dilute phase conveyor systems in Austria! - 60 years of experience! - Product data from A rbocell to Z inc oxide!

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Technical Centre: The test track for dense phase and dilute phase conveying

The experience of our project engineers is perfectly complemented by our state-of-the-art Technical Centre, where theoretical knowledge, practical experience and specific evaluation are combined by means of a flexibly arranged test track for pneumatic dense phase conveying, strand conveying and dilute phase conveying for pressure and vacuum operation - an indispensable combination of individual abilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure for efficient and reliable plant concepts.

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