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Schüttguttechnik Rohstoffhandling
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Overall concepts from raw materials handling to the (sugar) dissolving plant!

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We are the Austrian market leader for sugar processing plants with several hundred successful plants implemented both nationally and internationally, which assures maximum operating reliability - an invaluable argument in terms of such a critical product as crystal or powdered sugar.

AMMAG sugar handling plants are designed acc. to ATEX guidelines and - where required - according to the safety standards of our customers going beyond the scope of ATEX. Our plant documentation also includes an explosion certificate issued by an independent and certified expert.

Our modular system will help to save costs and permits us to consider your varying demands on silo insulation and silo head chamber drying, the choice of conveyor units or the rating of the pneumatic conveyor system.


Beverage industry

Maximum operational reliability for 24-hour operation and high throughput due to the use of two separately switchable heavy-duty blowers and a well-engineered plant concept developed by the market leader; operational reliability even under difficult installation conditions - worldwide!

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Jam and fruit preparation

Minimized sugar abrasion by using vibro chutes and an exact rating of the pneumatic system; lump-free supply of the sugar-pectin mixture into the cooking apparatus ensured by premixing; fully automatic operation permitting intervention by cooks due to movable hoppers.

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Confectionary industry

Reliable conveying of crystal sugar to five sugar hoppers from external silos erected on weighing cells. Possible extension to ten consumers. Pressure-surge protected hoppers ensure conformity with ATEX. Special switch points provide for an extremely compact design with modular extension facilities.

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Luxury food industry, instant coffee

Components such as creamer, milk powder, instant coffee, etc., are conveyed without cross contamination to the double-shaft mixer via big bag and IBC emptying stations. This is effected by means of pneumatic conveyors that were optimized in our Technical Centre. Short mixing times must be guaranteed while simultaneously ensuring maximum homogeneity and complete emptying. Scrap metal elimination and check-screening provide for maximum quality standards.

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